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Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Fashion and Free Your Mind

I would like to take a bit of time to thank fashion designer, Michael Williamson, whom is a huge supporter of the Free Your Mind campaign, as well as one of my closest friends.
Not only is he a highly talented designer, he has been a great friend and huge inspiration to me. Michael has worked on the campaign All-Walks: Beyond the Catwalk, which aims to challenge how the fashion industry (and the public) perceives the body beautiful; addressing issues such as eating disorders in both men and women.

Michael's first fashion collection was shown on the catwalk at Graduate Fashion Week, and it was entitled "Love Letters From Hell". The collection was based on Jack the Ripper and Victorian London. Michael also hopes to produce a collection based around mental illness at some point in his career and Free Your Mind would support him all the way.

So; thank you Michael Williamson for your continuing support. You've shown me beauty is for everyone.

copyright © 2009 Christopher Moore Limited

copyright © 2009 Christopher Moore Limited
ABOVE: Love Letters From Hell
Michael Williamson has his own blog: Safety Pin Charm.

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