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This is the blog for the Free Your Mind campaign which aims to battle stigma towards mental illness through the use of music, art, film, and culture.
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Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Following Free Your Mind Campaign

Following the Free Your Mind mental health campaign could not be easier! Well... maybe it could, but we'll get there.

I launched the Free Your Mind campaign last month on the Internet and now have an official FYM Twitter account as well as an FYM Facebook page. I can also be personally followed on my own Twitter account Titch Bitch (this account shows more or less the same updates as the Free Your Mind Twitter account, but the FYM account is prone to spam being sent to my followers and unfortunately I have not worked out a way to stop this).

I also have another blog on Myspace which mainly consists of poetry and random thoughts. It was sort of a practice blog before starting a proper one here on Blogger. If you would like to take a look around, my Myspace page can be found here. It is not updated THAT regularly, but it is every now and again - mostly with poetry. So, if you like poetry it could be the one for you?..

I think that is my Internet presence covered. I'll be back soon with more mental health related posts.

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