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Thursday, 29 July 2010

What's My Diagnosis?

It is common for a person's mental health diagnosis to change on more than one occasion; it is also common for there to be a dual-diagnosis. This is because diagnoses overlap one another, making, it hard to pin-point the mental illness. My diagnosis has changed on a number of occasions.

The effect this has on the person, particularly long-term sufferers of mental illness, is that the medication will change throughout their treatment. This is often due to the undesirable side-effects some medications have, or it could be a case of just finding the right balance to keep that person stable.

It can also be distressing for the person as it can be confusing. Howvere, the label is more there for the psychiatrists - a person is more than their mental illness.

As I have mentioned before, mental illness is hard to define. A lot of people don't tell people their diagnosis out of fear of being labelled or judged, they may not even understand it themselves and feel others won't either. This is espcially true when the diagnosis changes!

Diagnoses do and will change; it is just something we have to live with The important thing to remember is that our diagnosis does not define who we are as a person. If you do feel the burden of your diagnosis, try to leave it at the doctor/psychiatrist's door.

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