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Sunday, 4 July 2010

What is Mental Illness?

What is mental illness? That's a tough one. It means different things to different people. And although it is difficult to understand, mental illness should not be feared.

We don't all need to be experts to understand someone diagnosed with a mental disorder. We can understand on a basic empathetic level, we all experience emotional problems at one time or another.

There are too many diagnoses to explain in this short blog entry. However, we only need to know one thing, having a mental illness does not makes someone abnormal If anyhting it makes them all the more interesting!

Just because someone has been diagnosed as being mentally ill doesnt mean they aren't an intelligent, kind and caring person. A person is not defned by thier mental illness.

Mental illness cannot be defined and therefore it is hard to understand. But if we open our minds and push out ignorance and fear, we can get to know the person, and their mental illness becomes nothing more than just one of the many facets of their personality.

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